Upgrading Your Man Cave Chair Cushions!

Relax in Your Man Cave With Comfy Chair Cushions.

If you’re lucky enough to have your very own man cave, you’ll certainly want only the comfiest chair cushions. After all, isn’t that the whole point of a man cave? To be truly comfortable, in your personal space! Games console, check! Beer fridge, check! Wide screen TV, check!  You’ve worked hard to create this sanctuary. So why sully it with inferior chair cushions?

We bet you’ve sourced a super sweet chair complete with cup holders, speakers and a working toilet. Perhaps not the last one, it’s disgusting. We know toilet chairs exist, but they really shouldn’t. Just because you’ve got a “cave” now, it doesn’t mean you have to act like a savage in it. You’re not Stig of the Dump (heh… dump). Make sure you’re creating a dignified man cave. You need a lavish chair, with comfortable chair cushions and which doesn’t reek of doo-doo.

Comfort is Key in Any Man Cave – How to Upgrade Your Chair Cushions.

Your man cave is your kingdom, your chair your throne. Conquer comfort with a little help from foam factory. It couldn’t be easier to upgrade your chair cushions and we’re here to help guide you through the process. From firm, high quality foam to luxuriously soft memory foam we stock it all! Here at Foam Factory, we recognise that everybody has a different idea of what comfort consists of. Melt into your chair cushions or relax firmly upon them. We aim to please, so whatever satisfies your body, we’ll work with you to provide it. In cushion form that is, we don’t do back rubs!

Being a manufacturer of high quality foam products, we offer an exceptional foam cut to size service! This means that whatever shape or size your chair cushions happen to be, we can provide bespoke foam for it. Our website offers a wide range of pre-selected foam shapes, however we also offer custom options for those particularly outrageous chairs. Most of you will likely be choosing the “sofa cushion foam” shapes. However we know that there’s at least one person out there with a chair shaped like a giant doughnut or a walrus.

Five Simple Steps to upgrade Your Chair Cushions.

That’s right! It only takes five simple steps to introduce the ultimate level of comfort into your man cave. Even the laziest of man cave rulers can keep up with this.

Step one involves choosing the correct foam shape for your chair cushions. Each choice is labelled with a picture, so you don’t even have to use your imagination! We told you it was easy.

Step two is the hardest part and it’s still really easy. Now you need to measure your chair cushions. C’mon it only takes a second. Have a look in your man drawer. There’s usually a tape measure amongst the various pencils, screws and keys that fit no lock. Make sure to measure your chair cushions accurately.

Step three, select your foam type. Foam factory offers a wide range of foam to suit your own unique needs. If it’s comfortable to sit on we probably sell it.

Step four is additions. Add things to make your cushions even nicer. Take a look at what we offer. We don’t install LEDs or anything weird though.

Finally we come to step five, placing your order. This is barely a step, you’re basically already done. Bear in mind that all orders placed before 11:00am will be dispatched for next day delivery as standard. We know you don’t want to wait too long for your brand new chair cushions.

And there we have it! Ultimate man cave comfort in five simple steps. You’re almost there, just place that order and treat your posterior to the comfort it deserves.

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