Upgrading Couch Cushions With Our Online Calculator

Upgrading your couch cushions for the ultimate level of comfort has never been easier with Foam Factory. By using our simple online calculator, you can specify to us exactly what foam you require. It only takes five simple steps to bring your cushions back to life and better than ever before. If you’re looking for comfort, then you’ve come to the right place.

Why Upgrade Your Couch Cushions With Foam Factory.

There’s plenty of reasons as to why you should be considering upgrading your couch cushions. Couch cushions don’t last forever, but this is especially the case with couches bought from some high street retailers. Some couch retailers don’t value the quality of their products. Instead they’re more than happy to use cheap, sub-par materials in their couches. The foam in these such couches are likely to be less comfortable and not last long.

Naturally you don’t want to be spending a small fortune on a couch which is destined to last no longer than a few measly years. You work hard for your money, and as such you should receive the best in the business! Cast aside that inferior foam and upgrade to the best. Your couch cushions and more importantly you, deserve better.

Thankfully, Foam Factory is here to save you from the tyranny of dishonest couch distributors. We understand the importance of comfort and longevity in couch cushions and never settle for second best. With our easy to use, online calculator, you too can join us in our endeavors to conquer comfort.

Using The Online Calculator to Upgrade Your Couch Cushions.

The Foam Factory foam calculator couldn’t be more simple (we know we keep saying that, but we can’t stress it enough). Quality couch cushions are just a few clicks away. Five steps and a small wait is all it takes.

Select Your Couch Cushions Shape.

The first step is to select the foam shape for your couch cushions. We at foam factory have devised a multitude of regular (and somewhat irregular) foam shapes for you to choose from. There’s even an option for custom foam shapes. Use the custom foam option if you’ve got a couch shaped like a pentagram for example. If you do have a couch fit for Ozzy Osbourne himself, we can make the couch cushions even better! Even Princes of Darkness like sitting comfortably you know. For the regular Joe’s amongst us however, Foam Factory recommends choosing something a little less elaborate.

Measure Your Old Couch Cushions.

Now you’ve selected your couch cushions shape, you’ll need to input your measurements. First thing’s first, take those rubbish foam couch cushions out and measure them accurately. What you choose to do with them is entirely up to you. We recommend posting them back to where they came from, alongside a sternly worded letter. Tell them that it’s over, you’ve found somebody new that treats you right, Foam Factory is more of a company then they ever were. It’s likely that you’ll never receive a response, but you’ll still get a small feeling of satisfaction. After all that, just put those measurements into the website.

Choose The Firmness of Your Couch Cushions.

Everybody finds comfort in a different manner. Some people like super soft couches, some people like something with a bit more firmness. Unless you get your kicks from laying on beds of nails, Foam Factory can accommodate to your needs of comfort. Simply choose from three types of luxury memory foam, all with varying firmness depending on what you prefer.

The Final Steps For Quality Couch Cushions

You’re almost there, don’t give up now! Now you can choose to add dacron or stockinette, or both to your couch cushions. These help to further improve the quality of your purchase. You can find more information on these extras when you place your order.

Now all you need to do is place your order, that’s right you’re practically done. Place your order before 11:00am Monday to Thursday and we’ll endeavour to dispatch your order for the next working day delivery. We know you don’t want to wait long to sit around doing nothing, and why should you? Visit Foam Factory today and get those quality cushions you’re craving!

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