Why Replace Sofa Foam?

As with everything in the modern world, the quality of sofas aren’t what they used to be especially with sofa foam cushions. If you look back over the last 20 years you will notice that sofas have changed a lot! – maybe not in style but how they are made.

What once were heavy solid wooden frames are now made using much cheaper materials (do you remember when it used to take 3 or even 4 people to move your sofa around). Due to the constant demand for cheaper products the quality has unfortunately suffered.

Why Replace Sofa Foam Cushions?

Many sofas that previously had foam cushions now have fibre cushions (Glorified cotton wool in many cases) the reason simply is cost. Fibre is a much cheaper alternative to foam, and while it will give you plump looking cushions in a showroom, long term use see these cushions flatten and become lifeless. Many customers are very disappointed and angry after only several weeks of owning a new sofa, constantly plumping cushions hoping it will return to the glory of the showroom.

The good news is we can provide you with replacement sofa cushions, made of high density foam which can replace cheaper filled foam or fibre cushions. New foam will instantly add loft and bounce to your sofa cushions, and ensure that your covers remain plump and filled.

We don’t cut corners (unless you ask us to) and we only use the best quality foam – replace your sofa cushions with us today and say goodbye to tired flat cushions, and see your sofa come back to life!

Replace Your Sofa Cushions Today!

Whether you are looking for some extra comfort, a better-looking sofa or you are environmentally conscious, replacing the foam in your sofa keeps it out of landfill. With over 4.2 million discarded sofas each year this is a real problem for the whole world.

It’s our goal to keep as many sofas as possible out of landfill – for every ton of sofas we replace foam, it is estimated that we will help to save 1.5 tonnes of CO2 emissions.

Our replacement sofa foam service is the fastest on the internet, we have a range of shapes and templates which you can select from, simply enter your sizes, choose what kinds of foam you would like and you could be sitting on new foam as soon as tomorrow.

Go Green Environmental Policy For Sofa Foam

Foam Factory strives to fulfill all relevant environmental laws and regulations. We also aim for a continual reduction in any waste and releases to the environment that may be made during the course of operations.

Foam Factory aims to operate its contracts in a way that protects the environment and the health and safety of our employees, customers and the public.

Foam Factory’s goals are to provide a professional upholstery foam service in an environmentally responsible manner, we do this by minimizing the waste produced during operations and the responsible disposal of any waste products produced. Everyone at Foam Factory is committed to improving the effective control of waste production.

98% of all foam scrap produced by Foam Factory is recycled and reused. We offer a scrap foam collection service to all our customers in order to help reduce their own waste production and reduce landfill.

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