How to Get Rid of An Old Sofa for Free

Planning on finally upgrading your old sofa? Getting rid of an old sofa is like saying goodbye to an old friend. It’s been with you through both the good times and the bad. From opening that outrageous gas bill to that one time you discovered that all 236 episodes of Friends had been added to Netflix. Through the thick and thin, your old sofa has been there for you. Supporting you, providing comfort, never once asking for anything in return. How do we repay it? By upgrading it for a newer model. Oh, what a world!

Tips for Getting Rid of An Old Sofa for Free

Nothing lasts forever and the same applies to your sofa. It’s beginning to sag and looking a little rough around the edges. It happens to the best of us; time can be so cruel. If you’re looking to get rid of an old sofa for free, why not try some of these handy tips?

Donate Your Old Sofa to Charity

Or should we call it CHAIR-ity? Terrible puns aside, many charities will be glad to take away your sofa and put it to good use. Providing there is nothing seriously wrong with the sofa, it can be resold with the money made being put to a good cause. Be aware though, not all charities will be able to accept a donation as large as a sofa. Many have limited space to work with. Try looking around your local area for charities and enquire into whether they accept large pieces of furniture. Some will even pick it up free of charge making this is a great way to get rid of an old sofa for free.

Sell it For Free

Alternatively, you could look into selling your sofa. The extra money could go toward purchasing a new one. After all, they don’t tend to be cheap, so every little helps! Many people haven’t got the spare money to purchase a brand-new sofa, and so look to buy a second-hand one. There are plenty of websites online where you can advertise your sofa for sale. Gumtree, for example, offers free localised listings. It won’t cost you a penny to advertise there. Also, if you’re signed up, you could also try the Marketplace on Facebook. This is a good way to advertise your sofa to potential local buyers. Remember to specify that the item is for collection only if you are unable to deliver it.

Donate Your Old Sofa to a First Time Home Owner

If you’ve recently rented or bought a home, you’ll likely know how expensive it can be to do so. Once all is said and done, your bank account has taken a beating and you’re still left with a home in need of furnishing. If you can sympathise with this, why not consider giving your sofa to a first-time homeowner? As you’re offering it for free, they should be able to collect it from you, making the whole process relatively simple. This is a great and rewarding way to get rid of an old sofa for free.

Rescue Your Old Sofa & Save Money

Now, here’s the wildcard option. Have you considered not getting rid of your old sofa at all? Look at it, do you really want to throw away all those old memories? Is there a chance that your sofa could still be saved? As soon as the cushions begin to sag, many people come to the conclusion that they need a brand-new sofa. This is not only expensive but can be wasteful and time-consuming.

With Foam Factory, you can order brand new foam sofa cushions and receive them the very next day. We’ve helped to bring new life to many old sofas and would love the opportunity to help save yours as well. If you want to buy new sofa cushions for your sofa, follow the steps outlined on our homepage.

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