Foam For Seating – Choosing the Right Seating Cushions

Buying foam for seating is easy at Foam Factory. We specialise in seating foam for a variety of different furniture pieces and can cut foam for seating to almost any size or shape you need.

We have 12 different foam templates to choose from, including a custom option for unique pieces. Our foam for seating services can be used to replace old sofa cushions, armchair cushions, dining chair foam, foam on bar stools, create window seat cushions and much more! Whatever you need to improve the comfort of, you can do it here at Foam Factory.

Foam for Seating Cushions

Many of our customers visit our website looking for foam to replace their old sofa cushion filling. A lot of the time, sofas purchased from new can contain inferior cushion filling such as fiber filling. This type of cushion filling quickly begins to lose its shape and sag. Before you know it, you’re constantly plumping the cushions in an attempt to stop them looking so sad. If this sounds like you, the time has come to upgrade your sofa cushions to quality foam from Foam Factory.

For maximum effect, it’s recommended that you replace both the seating cushions and back cushions. You shouldn’t use the same foam for both, however. Foam for seating cushions should be a high-density firm grade. If your foam for seating cushions measures 4 inches or more in thickness though, you should choose a high-density medium grade. For your sofa back cushions, you should use a soft high-density foam. It’s important to choose a high-density foam when buying foam for seating as it will provide more support and longevity.

Foam For Seating – When to Add Stockinette & Dacron

Here at Foam Factory, we also offer our customers the ability to add extra features to their seating cushions. Specifically, we allow the addition of both stockinette and dacron. Sometimes it can be difficult to know when to include these extras, so we’ll talk through the uses of both.

Stockinette is a sort of netting which is placed over your seating cushions. Its sole purpose is to make your life easier when inserting and removing your seating cushions from their covers. If you have removable seating cushion covers, it is advisable to add stockinette. This means that the next time somebody accidentally spills their dinner on the cushions, you won’t have to wrestle with the foam to put the covers back on.

Dacron is a wadding which is designed to add extra loft to your cushions. It is glued to the top and bottom portions of the foam and helps to slightly dome the cushion shape, thus filling out cushion covers. If you’re buying foam for seating to put in covers, adding dacron is a wise choice. Dacron adds approximately 1cm to both the top and bottom of your cushion foam.

Talk to Us About Foam for Seating

If you would like to know more about the foam for seating services we offer here at Foam Factory please feel free to contact us. Fill out our contact form and a member of our team will get back to you as soon as possible.

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