Latest Reviews

  • James Watt

    Quick delivery, accurately cut to size, great price.

  • James Clark

    Super fast delivery!

  • Victoria Pritchard

    Arrived the right size and fitted great

  • Catherine Blum

    Cut accurately and delivered by a very polite young man

  • Iain Walker

    FAST AF! Ordered Monday and received Tuesday. Fits like a glove too.

  • David Batten

    Perfect fit. Amazing delivery speed. What more can you want

  • Rachael Amos

    It arrived the next day and was perfect.

  • Raymond Atherton

    Very fast and quick delivery. Great quality foam. Opted for dacron and stockinette so it lasts even longer. Was worth the extra.

  • Scott Dyer

    Super comfortable and fitted the old covers perfect

  • Mark Burke

    We were going to take an old mattress and cut it but then found Foam Factory offered the exact shape we were after!

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