Standard Sofa Cushion Foam

It’s easy to replace your sofa cushions at Foam Factory. Follow the simple steps below to get the cushion foam you need to rejuvenate your sofa.

Step 2. Measure Your Standard Sofa Cushion Foam & Enter Below

We stock a wide variety of foam grades suitable for many different applications. You can choose from 25 unique foam templates or create your own shape using our customisable option.

Enter Dimensions

Standard Sofa Foam

Custom Sofa Cushion Foam Cut to Size

Find the perfect fit for your sofa with customisable foam options. Select a shape, provide your measurements, choose a foam type, select from optional Stockinette and Dacron additions and we’ll create your sofa cushion foam fast, with next working day delivery available as standard.

Sofa Foam Cushions

Revitalise and restore the comfort of your sofa cushions with our high-quality sofa foam options. Designed for durability and everyday comfort, our wide range of foams help to transform your sofa seat and back cushions with ease.

Cushion Foam

We have a comprehensive range of foam for cushions from as little as £10.00 or less, including everything from standard to luxury foam grades. Customise your cushion foam to meet your exact needs for both comfort and support, enhancing every seat in your home from sofas and armchairs to tub chairs and outdoor garden furniture. Get an instant quote for your cushion foam by entering your measurements on our website.

Foam for Furniture Cushions

Give your furniture a new lease of life with our professionally made high density foam solutions. Ideal for new upholstery and reupholstery projects, our online foam cutting service offers an effective and efficient way to enhance both the comfort and appearance of all soft furnishings.

Seating Foam

Whether for dining chairs or benches, Foam Factory offers foam in all sizes and varieties. From soft foam to medium feel foam to hard foam, we have all the foam products you need to create the comfiest foam seating areas.

Seat Cushion Foam

All our seat cushion foam is converted here in the UK by our team of professionals. We only use the very best and safest foam grades, sourced from trusted suppliers worldwide. From homes to offices, our high-quality seating foam is perfect for both domestic and commercial environments.

Upholstery Foam

Durable, comfortable and available in a variety of firmness levels including soft, medium, hard and very firm, our upholstery foam is perfect for both new projects and repair jobs. Whether you’re a professional upholsterer or a DIY enthusiast, at Foam Factory, you can choose the perfect upholstery foam to suit all your needs.

Foam Seat Pads

You can also order made to measure foam seat pads directly from our website. Providing the right balance of support and softness, they make every chair more comfortable. From an average of £9.00 per foam seating pad, we offer the most competitively priced way to upgrade your indoor and outdoor seats. Our online system will offer you an instant price quote. Simply enter your foam seating pad measurements to get started.

Foam Cushion Pads

Upgrade your cushions easily with our foam cushion pads. Order any size you need! They’re quick to fit and can instantly boost the comfort of your furniture. On average, prices start as low as £15.00, making it easy to refresh your seating without overspending. Enter your measurements for a fast and accurate quote on your project.

High Density Foam

Our high-density foam offers extra support, durability and longevity. We always offer high density foam for seating applications to ensure you’re receiving the very best product. Our foam is excellent for maintaining shape and comfort over time. Remember that high density foam reflects on quality, not simply how firm the foam is. Our high-density foams come in options of soft, medium and hard feel.

Memory Foam Cushions

Looking for memory foam cushion options? Also known as viscoelastic foam, it adapts to your body shape, easing pressure points and enhancing relaxation. This foam can be ordered individually or added as a topper to various types of foam cushions and mattresses to increase comfort levels. If you would like us to laminate (stick together) two types of foams, simply request this when ordering in the Notes section provided.

Why Choose Foam Factory?

With more than 50 years of serving the industry, Foam Factory is the largest and fastest supplier of cushion foam in the UK, offering next-working-day delivery at no additional cost. We offer a wide range of foam solutions manufactured with precision cutting services to ensure you get exactly what you need for all of your upholstery projects. With our high-quality foam products alongside multiple options for customisation, we’re the number one choice for ordering foam cushions online.


What types of foam are available for cushions?

We have lots of types of foam available including high density upholstery foam, reticulated foam for outdoor garden chairs, memory foam for mattresses and toppers and even budget-friendly, recycled foam for contract seating called reconstituted foam.

Why choose custom cut foam for sofa cushions?

Replacing your sofa cushions using a foam cut to size service is a great and inexpensive way to enhance the comfort and lifespan of your couch when compared to buying a whole new piece of replacement furniture.

What is sofa cushion foam cut to size?

Sofa cushion foam cut to size is a service which allows you to order a variety of different foam types in bespoke sizes. This is a simple and effective service for buying replacement cushions, ordering foam for new upholstery projects and much more.

What size sofa foam should I order?

The foam cushion size you order will depend on your current project or how big your existing cushions are. For example, if you have a cushion which measures 88cm x 67cm x 12cm, this is the size you should order. Measure the length, width and thickness of your cushion covers or seating area, and provide these dimensions in the spaces provided when placing your order. You can always contact us for measuring advice if you’re unsure.

Can I select the firmness of my foam?

Yes, we offer many levels of firmness for seating foam include soft, medium, and hard, all designed to meet a variety of needs and comfort preferences.

Is replacing custom cut sofa foam easy?

Yes, providing you can easily access your cushion inners, our custom made foam cushions are generally easy to fit. How easy a customer finds this process will vary depending on their circumstances. You may find it beneficial to have somebody assist you when inserting the new foam cushions into the covers.

How much does cushion foam cost?

We are the most competitively price foam supplier online in the UK. The price of our foam will vary depending on how much you need and what type of foam you would like. As an example, a cubic foot of luxury high density soft foam measuring 12” x 12” x 12” would cost approximately £20.50. Whereas the same size of foam from memory foam would cost around £27.50. We also distribute discount codes occasionally during promotion periods to give you an even better price than what is already on offer.

Foam Cushions Made to Measure

We have a wide selection of foam for replacement sofa cushions, as well as any other type of cushion foam application. All are in stock and available for next working day delivery.

Perfect for upholstery, our custom foam cushions can be made to suit your exact requirements. Whether you need soft foam, medium or hard we have exactly what you need to upgrade your furniture cushions with ease.

Cushion Foam for all Seating

From sofa cushions to armchairs, to bench seats, our cut-to-size foam pads are ideal for creating and restoring comfort. We’ve been supplying high-quality upholstery foam across the UK and beyond for more than 50 years. If you have any questions about our comprehensive range of foam grades, our professional team will be happy to assist you.

Need foam cut to size in a different shape? No problem! Our foam cushions can be made to any size or shape you require. Browse through our standard cushion foam templates or select the custom shape if you’d like to provide a template for reference.

Upholstery Cushion Foam Fire Safety

All of the upholstery foam we supply for furniture seating meets the standards set by the Furniture and Furnishings (Fire Safety) Regulations 1988/1989, 1993 and 2010. Your safety is our priority, rest assured when you buy cushion foam from Foam Factory, you’re purchasing the highest quality foam materials tested to meet and exceed UK fire safety regulations. If you have any questions regarding the specification details of any of our foam grades, our team will be happy to help you.

How To Measure Your Sofa Cushion Foam

To get the best measurements for your foam cushions, it is advised to always use your current cushion covers where possible. Old cushion foam may have become misshapen and not provide accurate results.

First, measure along the cover seams from corner to corner. You should pull the cover taught to get the best fit. Ideally, you should measure the back and front of each cover as measurements may vary between sides.

Next, measure the depth. Go from seam to seam. If piped, measure between them. The foam you order should be the size of the cover’s border width. Please factor that Dacron will add approximately 1cm to the top and bottom of your cushion.

Do not measure across the middle of the cushion. It may be domed and compromise your measurements.

Lastly, choose the correct shape from our templates and input your measurements.

Latest Sofa Cushion Foam Reviews

Cathy White

My foam cushions arrived the very next day exactly when they were supposed to. They fitted my seat covers perfectly.

Sophie Adams

Really high quality cushion foam. Opted for a medium feel foam and it's great!

Micheal Howard


Chantelle Green

Brilliant They fit beautifully. I had been on the point of replacing the whole sofa, but the fit of these are perfect.

John Whitaker

Fantastic service. Arrived next day. Now to do my dining chairs as well.


My sofa is like new again... in fact better than when I first bought it from DFS!

Adele Pybus

Thanks to Jane on the phone who helped me with measuring my corner sofa. The cushions fit perfectly and are so comfortable.

Alex N

Would highly recommend the foam factory for upgrading your old sofa. I have had this same sofa since the 60s, they just don't make them like they used to but the foam was starting to go. New foam and now better than any sofa you can buy on the high street.

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