Standard Sofa Cushion Foam

It’s easy to replace your sofa cushions at Foam Factory. Follow the simple steps below to get the cushion foam you need to rejuvenate your sofa.

Step 2. Measure Your Standard Sofa Cushion Foam & Enter Below

We stock a wide variety of foam grades suitable for many different applications. You can choose from 25 unique foam templates or create your own shape using our customisable option.

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Standard Sofa Foam

How To Measure Your Sofa Cushion Foam

To get the best measurements for your foam cushions, it is advised to always use your current cushion covers where possible. Old cushion foam may have become misshapen and not provide accurate results.

First, measure along the cover seams from corner to corner. You should pull the cover taught to get the best fit. Ideally, you should measure the back and front of each cover as measurements may vary between sides.

Next, measure the depth. Go from seam to seam. If piped, measure between them. The foam you order should be the size of the cover’s border width. Please factor that Dacron will add approximately 1cm to the top and bottom of your cushion.

Do not measure across the middle of the cushion. It may be domed and compromise your measurements.

Lastly, choose the correct shape from our templates and input your measurements.

Latest Sofa Cushion Foam Reviews

Chantelle Green

Brilliant They fit beautifully. I had been on the point of replacing the whole sofa, but the fit of these are perfect.

John Whitaker

Fantastic service. Arrived next day. Now to do my dining chairs as well.


My sofa is like new again... in fact better than when I first bought it from DFS!

Adele Pybus

Thanks to Jane on the phone who helped me with measuring my corner sofa. The cushions fit perfectly and are so comfortable.

Alex N

Would highly recommend the foam factory for upgrading your old sofa. I have had this same sofa since the 60s, they just don't make them like they used to but the foam was starting to go. New foam and now better than any sofa you can buy on the high street.

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