Fireseal Foam

Ideal for a wide range of applications where fire resistance is integral. Fireseal Class 0 Foam offers the highest possible level of fire resistance of any flexible acoustic foam product available. This impregnated barrier foam is extremely popular for various construction projects and passes BS 476 Part 6 & 7 (Class “0”), EN 13501-1 Euro Class B-s1, d0 and UL94 94-V-0 testing standards.

Below, you’ll find the Fireseal products we have to offer. If you would like to learn more about our Class 0 foam products or have any questions about our foam cutting services please get in touch. You can send us a message via our contact form or call us directly on 01494 441177.

Fireseal Class 0 Foam Sheets

Fireseal Class 0 Foam Pyrosorb

Our Class 0 Fireseal Foam Sheets are available in thicknesses ranging from 10mm to 50mm. This option does not include a self-adhesive backing, please choose our adhesive-backed Fireseal foam if you require this instead. Each sheet measures 200cm x 100cm (78.7” x 39.3”).

Foam Thickness

PRICE: £33.99

Fireseal Class 0 Foam Sheets Self Adhesive Backing

Fireseal Adhesive Backed Class 0 Foam

Our Self Adhesive Backed Class 0 Fireseal Foam Sheets are available in 25mm or 50mm thicknesses. This class 0 foam sheet comes with a self-adhesive backing for easy application. Please choose the non-adhesive backed option if you do not require this. Each sheet measures 200cm x 100cm (78.7” x 39.3”).

Foam Thickness

PRICE: £99.99

Where Fireseal Class 0 Foam is Used

Fireseal Applications

Fireseal is a versatile acoustic foam product. Thanks to its superior fire resistance it is suitable for use across a wide range of areas. As well as general acoustic treatment in buildings, Fireseal foam can be found used in the following areas; Automotive vehicles, power generators, engine tuning centres, oil rigs, air handlers, compressors, ducting, power generators and much more. This is also a popular product used by shopfitters for various retail fitouts.

Class 0 Foam with Self Adhesive Backing

In our 25mm and 50mm thicknesses of Fireseal, we have the option to include a self-adhesive backing on your foam. This makes applying your class 0 foam to a given service much faster and simpler.

Using Self Adhesive Backed Fireseal Foam

This is a pressure sensitive, self-adhesive solution. By carefully removing the release liner (yellow backing paper) and applying pressure between the adhesive side and your required surface, our SAB Fireseal can provide a strong tack.

When applying this Class 0 Foam to your surface of choice, you should ensure that the area is clean, dry and free from dust. It is recommended to first test any cleaning agents to ensure that they will not interfere with the bonding capabilities of this product.

When mounting your Class 0 foam, ideally the area should be well ventilated. Optimal temperatures are would be between 18°C – 20°C. Low humidity is also recommended for a more effective bond, relative humidity should be between approximately 40% to 60%.

Why Choose Foam Factory Class 0 Foam?

We’ve been serving in the foam industry since 1976 and provide high-quality, foam products used by professionals worldwide. When it comes to the foam we sell, our team’s expertise is second to none. We’re here to make sure that you find the perfect foam products for your next project.

Our UK factory is equipped with some of the latest foam converting machinery, operated by our team of skilled cutters. What’s more, we offer a next working day delivery service on orders placed before 11:00am Monday – Thursday. That makes us the fastest online foam cut to size service in the UK.

If you have any questions about our Class 0 foam products (or anything else) don’t hesitate to get in touch, the GB Foam team is always happy to assist.

Fireseal Features

Type Impregnated PU Foam
ColourDark Grey
Thickness6mm – 100mm
Operating Temperature-30ºC to 100ºC
Fire PerformanceEN 13501-1 Euro Class*B-s1,d0
BS 476 Part 6 Fire Propagation Index<12 >6mm
BS 476 Part 7 Surface Spread of flameClass 1
Building Regulations Paragraph A13 (b)Class 0
ASTM E84-09 Surface Burning CharacteristicFlame Spread index 10
Smoke Developed Index 20
ASTM C411-04 Hot Surface Performance @100ºC 96hrPass
UL94 Classification94-V-0
ASTM C1071-05 12.7 Air Erosion Resistance 6 – 50mmPass
ASTM D-2020-92 Mildew (Fungus) ResistanceDoes not support growth
ASTM G21-96 Fungus Resistance TestDoes not support growth
ASTM C1104-06 Water Vapour Sorption<9%
ASTM C518-04 Thermal Conductivity0.32 Btu-in/ft2-hrºF @6mm

*Certification of Euroclass 6mm – 50mm adhered, 50mm unadhered

Acoustic Performance

Sound Absorption @ 12mmαw 0.30
Sound Absorption @ 25mmαw 0.45
Sound Absorption @ 75mmαw 0.75

Fireseal Foam FAQs

Here, you’ll find answers to some of our most frequently asked questions about Fireseal Class 0 foam. If you still have any questions about our products or services, please feel free to contact us directly for assistance.

What Fire Rating Does Fireseal Foam Have?

Fireseal is accredited with a Class 0 fire rating. This is the highest possible level of fire resistance for any flexible acoustic foam product. Class 0 foam is specially treated with a mineral compound to give it a zero-burn rate, making it suitable for many high-fire risk applications.

Where is Fireseal Used?

Fireseal is suitable for many applications, some examples of where it can be used include Generator Rooms, Server Rooms and M.O.D vehicles; Factories, Offshore Vessels, Oil Rigs, Dyno Test Cells, Retail Stores and Ductwork.

Does Fireseal have a Self-Adhesive Backing?

Yes. In 25mm and 50mm thicknesses, we offer the option of including a self-adhesive backing with your Fireseal Class 0 Foam. This allows for simple application in your area of choice. Remove the backing paper and mount in your desired location.

Is Fireseal Class 0 Foam Anti-Fungal?

Yes. Fireseal foam has been treated with an anti-fungal agent to help make it resistant to most fungus and bacteria. It is tested to (ASTM D-2020-92) Mildew (Fungus) Resistance standards and proved to not support growth.

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