Foam Factory Feasts – South Yorkshire Mother Can’t Stop Eating Foam!

A Dame of Foams.

You didn’t misread that. A mother from South Yorkshire really is munching on sofa cushions. 28-year-old Mother, Vicky Cullen suffers from a rare disorder called pica, which causes her bizarre cravings. Vicky claims that her main meal of choice is the single yellow and white chair in her living room. However, Vicky also claims to be partial to a washing-up sponge covered in Nutella or jam. Now we enjoy a bit of sponge cake here at the Foam Factory, but this is something else!

What is Pica? Foam Factory Facts.

Pica is a rare neurological disorder that causes people to crave and ingest non-edible substances (like foam for example). Now we’ve all probably eaten things we shouldn’t have when we were younger. It’s likely that the Foam Factory employees ate their fair share of Playdough as children. Most of us however grow out of these urges to eat the inedible. Eventually, that sheer level of curiosity just doesn’t seem worth it anymore.

Pica isn’t just exclusive to foam. It applies to all the inedible substances that certain individuals may decide to chow down upon. From glass to faeces, you name it somebody out there probably has an appetite for it.

According to researchers, Pica is most commonly seen in pregnant women. Vicky herself claims to have begun craving foam whilst she was pregnant. We all know that pregnant women can develop some unusual cravings. One Foam Factory employee’s Mother couldn’t stop eating sauerkraut. Another couldn’t stop chewing on elastic bands. None of our Mothers have begun feasting on the living room furniture yet though. Vicky’s addiction continued on until after her pregnancy, which led to her diagnosis of pica. To this date, she claims to have eaten well over 2000 foam sponges.

Foam Alone! Is Vicky The Only Foam Fanatic?

Nope! In 2011, 31-year-old Adele Edwards from Florida came forward. Adele was also diagnosed with pica and takes a fancy to sofas. Adele claims to have scoffed her way through seven couches and two upholstered chairs in her lifetime. We’d dare not let her loose here at Foam Factory HQ, there’d be nothing left!

Adele has been consuming sofa foam for over 20 years and even has a favourite type of foam. She claims that darker yellow foam cushions have a better taste than white foam cushions. That’s something we at Foam Factory will have to bear in mind. Hiring Adele as the world’s first professional foam taster may well be a step forward to greatness.

Please Don’t Eat Foam Factory Foam.

Or any foam for that matter. Eating foam is going to get you into a whole heap of trouble. We love the stuff here at Foam Factory and would be thrilled if it were edible and deliciously tasty. However, the fact is, it’s not! Sit on foam, fall on foam, make costumes out of it if you wish! Whatever you do though, please don’t eat it!

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