What is the Best Foam for Sofa Cushions?

Here at Foam Factory, we love bringing people’s sofas back to life! By using the very best foam for sofa cushions, we make sofas better than ever! If you’ve got a sofa in need of some serious TLC, our replacement sofa cushions might well be the miracle solution you’re searching for.

The Best Foam for Sofa Cushions at Foam Factory!

Wondering what the best foam for sofa cushions is? We did as well. That’s precisely why we put an abundance of foam grades to the ultimate test. We’ve put in the hard work, so you don’t have to. Well, we mostly just sat on a lot of foam, but we did get the answers we were searching for! The answer to the question, what is the best foam for sofa cushions?

We’ve selected three distinct foam grades, all of which offer superior levels of comfort and support. These are suitable for replacing both your seat cushions and sofa back cushions.

Sofa cushions can be filled with fibers, feathers or of course foam. Those are the main fillings anyway. Chances are that over the years people have filled sofa cushions with plenty of unique and sometimes questionable materials.

We’ve been in the foam industry for more than 40 years. Now, this may seem biased to you, but we’re adamant that foam makes for the best filling in sofa cushions. Here’s Why.

Why Foam is Best for Sofa Cushions

Out of feathers, polyurethane foam and polyester fiberfill, foam is the newest form of sofa cushion filling. Naturally, feathers have been around since birds have, so no prizes for guessing what the oldest is.

Polyester fiberfill was originally invented in 1929 by Imperial Chemical Industries (ICI). As for foam, polyurethanes weren’t discovered until the 1930s. The first process for creating foams from isocyanate-based materials was developed in 1937.

Today, many sofa manufacturers choose to fill their sofa cushions with polyester fiberfill. This is because it is a cheaper material, which saves on production costs; quite frankly, it brings tears to our eyes.

On initial inspection, new polyester fiberfill sofa cushions appear adequate. However, through regular use, they are known to quickly lose their shape and sag. This leads to these types of sofa cushions offering you only minimal levels of comfort.

Foam, on the other hand, lasts much longer than both feather and fiberfill cushions. You won’t find yourself consistently having to plump your sofa cushions with a foam filling. They offer superior levels of comfort and support whilst sitting. With that said, not all foam is created equally and that’s where our testing process comes into play.

Buy the Best Foam for Sofa Cushions

We have three different types of foam for sofa cushions to choose from. A Luxury Firm, Medium and Soft.

Our Luxury Firm seating grade foam is suitable for those who prefer a firmer feel in their sofa seat cushions. The Luxury Medium offers a softer feeling in sofa seat cushions. Finally, the Luxury Soft is ideal for replacing sofa back cushions.

You can also choose to include both dacron and stockinette with your Foam Factory order. Dacron is a wadding which is fused to the top and bottom of sofa cushions. It helps to add extra loft to your cushions creating a fuller effect inside the covers. Stockinette meanwhile is a netting that makes it easier to remove and insert your cushions from their covers.

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