The Awesome History of Sofas and Sofa Cushions

Ah the sofa! The cushiony companion no home can do without. Can you imagine life without sofas? Nothing to slouch, bounce or snooze upon. How would we watch our favourite shows in comfort without sofas? Netflix and chill? Nope! Netflix and squat uncomfortably. Homes as we know them would not be complete without sofas and sofa cushions. Perhaps we take them for granted sometimes?  Do we really understand the rich and awesome heritage of sofas? Do we really know how lucky we are?

So Close, Yet Sofa – Why Did the People of the Past Hate Sofa Cushions?

In the beginning, there were no sofas. No chairs, no pillows, and no sofa cushions to rest thy weary head upon. We’re talking back, way back! When finding a mossy rock was the closest you could ever come to comfort. Naturally, early man lacked the skills and knowledge to create sofa cushions. They were far too busy hunting mammoths and trying to figure out fire to relax anyway.

Centuries passed and yet sofa cushions, alas there were none. The church in fact dismissed the notion of comfort. Believing that our spirits and bodies were diametrically opposed, they claimed that being uncomfortable disengaged us from our physical selves. Being uncomfortable resulted in a greater connection with the spirit and therefore God… or so they said.  Ever wondered why churches contain hideously rigid and horribly uncomfortable wooden benches? Well now you know.

Humanity would not come closer to the prospect of a sofa cushion until mankind really started making waves. Enter the Renaissance.

Sofa, So Good – The Renaissance.

People of The Renaissance were sitting pretty. Excuse the pun, but they were; in both the figurative and literal sense of the phrase. Stuffing things into fabrics and animal skins wasn’t exactly a new idea come the Renaissance. The ancient world in fact had primitive forms of pillows, but they were likely not the best. The Renaissance fronted something much better however, the art of upholstery.

Upholstery became popular within interior design towards the end of the Elizabethan era.  The role of the upholsterer at this point was ‘MASTER OF ALL THINGS FABRIC’. From sofa cushions to wall hangings, upholsters did it all. People were beginning to move away from the churches tormenting teachings on comfort, which resulted in very nice seating indeed.

Time progressed and many notable names would contribute towards the innovative design of chairs, sofas and sofa cushions. Phillip Stanhope, the 4th Earl of Chesterfield masterminded the creation of the iconic Chesterfield sofa. The luxurious, Louis XIV chair of course was named after the man himself. Another notable contender, the chaise lounge also emerged during Louis’ reign.

Yikes! We’ve Come Sofa.

Sofas and sofa cushions are essentially a staple now in any modern household. Where would we be though without those who contributed to the creation of our foamy friends? Without these pioneers, we’d all be taking it in turns to sit on the hay bale.

These men fought for comfort, challenged authority and dared to create furniture so comfortable it could be considered a sin. Show them your appreciation, don’t settle for inferior seats. Visit the Foam Factory homepage today and replace that filling in your underwhelming sofa cushions.

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