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Your sofa is more than a piece of furniture it’s part of your life – It may not have arms or legs (well not real ones), it cannot speak (thank god), however, it’s been at the center of your life every step of the way, with a little bit of help it can be there for the next chapter!

The average sofa puts up with children jumping up and down on it over 587 times during its lifetime. Replacement foam is even more bouncy, maybe watch the kids after replacing your sofa cushions, they may make it all the way to the ceiling.

Your sofa will be slept on over 489 times in its life, so why not ensure you have the best night’s sleep with luxury replacement sofa foam? Here are some fun facts we thought you would enjoy.

Fun Facts About Sofas

Did you know?

Over £40 million is hidden in loose change down the back of UK sofas! Around £1.80 a month is discovered down the back of your settee. This comes to a surprising £172.80 over the average lifetime of your sofa.

We spend on average 17 Years of our life sitting on Sofas! Here in the UK, we relax on our sofas for around 4 hours a day and 19 hours at the weekend. This comes in at 17 years over the average lifetime.

The world’s most expensive sofa cost £300,000! The world’s most expensive sofa was designed by Ron Arad in 1994. It was made of steel and is super uncomfortable. What was he thinking?

The Average Life of a Sofa

During the average lifetime of a sofa, it sees:

  • 1600 Spillages.
  • 1300 Cuddles.
  • 800 Visitors.
  • 782 Movies.
  • 293 Arguments.

Replace your foam and let your sofa see even more!

You spend 17 years of your life sitting on sofas, give your bum the best 17 years it can have! Why look at the expensive purchase of a new sofa when you can save time and money by upgrading the sofa you have?

Did you know on average you lose £1.80 down the back of your sofa each month? Well if you haven’t missed that extra cash so far, why not dig deep and invest this money back into replacement sofa cushions – It’s almost as if your sofa has been thinking ahead and saving for you!

In most cases, we can make your new foam cushions outlast the life of your sofa.

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