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Foam Cut To Size & Upholstery Foam

Foam Factory specialises in upholstery foam and cut to size foam. In just 5 quick steps, our website makes it easy for you to order the foam you need. We even offer a next working day delivery service, meaning your custom cut foam will be with you in practically no time at all!

Cut To Size Foam Shapes

Start by choosing the shape you’d like us to cut your foam into. We have 22 shapes to choose from. There’s even a custom shape that will allow you to use your own template. Don’t forget, we offer a next working day delivery service.

Foam Cut to Size Guide

We’ve made it our mission to make buying foam cut to size online easy! Using our simple 5 step process, you can order custom foam made to your requirements. Please take a look at this handy visual guide to see how easy it is.

Don’t forget, that our team members are always happy to offer you their foam expertise. If you have any questions about our products or services, be sure to get in touch.

Foam Cut to Size

1. Choose Shape

We have 22 shapes to choose from, including a custom option.

2. Enter Size

Input measurements in cm, mm or inches.

3. Select Foam Grade

Choose from our selection of high-quality foam.

4. Choose Additions

Decide if you want Dacron / Stockinette.

5. Delivery Date

We offer a next working day delivery service.

Upholstery Foam Suppliers

Many of our customers are professional upholsterers who use Foam Factory due to its simplicity when it comes to ordering upholstery foam online. Because we offer a wide variety of templates (including a custom foam option for even more designs) we can supply you with upholstery foam cut to size for projects both big and small.

Buying upholstery foam online is easy on our website! To order custom cut upholstery foam, all you need to do is begin by choosing from our selection of foam templates. We have a total of 20 foam shapes to choose from. If you can’t find the upholstery foam shape you need, you can choose the custom option instead.

Once you’ve selected the best match for your cut to size foam, you’ll be asked to enter measurements. You can specify the size of your foam cut to size shape in inches, centimetres or millimetres. If you have any specific questions about measuring read our measuring guide or get in touch with a member of our team.

We offer various types of foam suitable for upholstery applications. If you’re unsure which upholstery foam is best suited for you, we’ll be happy to provide our recommendations. Our high-density cushion foam is available in soft, medium or firm varieties.


Seat Cushion Foam Choices

When it comes to seat cushion foam, we usually recommend opting for either a medium or firm feel. Most of our customers find that soft foam doesn’t offer enough support to be used for seating foam cushions. Soft foam is much better suited to the likes of armchair or sofa back cushions.

For example, if you’re looking for replacement sofa cushions, you may want to choose a medium or firm foam for the seat cushions and something soft for the back sofa cushion foam.
The type of foam you may want to choose for your seat cushions will largely depend on the thickness of the cushion foam as well as your personal preferences.

Our general guidance for seating foam cushions is that if it measures between 1 inch and 4 inches thick, opt for a firm sofa foam. If the cushion foam is over 4 inches, a medium feel may be better suited. Again, your personal preference should also be factored into your decision. If you’d like to know more about our various types of seating foam, one of our foam factory experts will gladly assist you.

Upholstery Foam Cushion Additions

After you’ve selected which grade of foam cut to size you need, you will be asked if you would like to include some additions with your order. Specifically, you’ll be able to include Stockinette only or Dacron & Stockinette with your custom foam. Stockinette is a fine, stretchy, cotton netting that acts as an upholstery foam cushion lining. It prevents friction between the foam and the cushion covers. This helps to prevent wear and makes it much easier to insert and remove your foam cushions from the covers.

Dacron is a high-quality, polyester wadding that we can add to the top and bottom of your upholstery foam. It’s perfect for foam cushion wraps, headboards and various other upholstery applications. As a cushion foam wrap, its purpose is to give the cushion more loft. Dacron helps to better fill out cushion covers, meaning there is less room for sagging. If you opt to include Dacron, it will measure approximately 1 centimetre on the top and 1 centimetre on the bottom.

We’re often asked if this extra thickness should be subtracted from the overall thickness of your foam cushion. Usually, our advice is to include it alongside the original thickness of your foam. Doing this tends to better fill out cushion covers. However, if the foam cushions are already quite tight-fitting, measurements may need adjusting slightly. If you’re unsure about the measurements that you need, we recommend contacting our team of experts before placing your order.

Foam Cut to Size Delivery

With a next working day delivery service as standard, we’re considered the UK’s fastest online foam supplier! Bespoke orders often arrive in 24 hours (and sometimes even less). But our speed doesn’t affect the quality of the products you receive. We are ISO 9001 approved and always strive to maintain the high standards our customers rightfully expect from Foam Factory.

We aim to provide you with a fast and reliable delivery service. Although we offer a next working day delivery service, we also give customers the option to select a date which best suits them; there’s even an option for foam delivery on a Saturday. To qualify for our standard next working day delivery service, you’ll need to place your order before 11 am Monday – Thursday. You’ll also need to check which delivery zone you live in, you’ll find this information during the order process.

If you’re local to us (or just fancy a drive) you can also choose to collect your foam order from our factory. Just select this option at the checkout when placing your order.

Foam UK

Foam Cut to Size & Cushion Foam FAQ

Have a question about ordering foam from our website? Whatever it is, we’re always happy to help! Take a look at our most frequently asked questions below. If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for, then feel free to contact us.

Can I Buy Replacement Sofa Cushions?

Yes! We supply custom-cut foam cushions to help upgrade soft furniture pieces daily. You can use our website to order your new foam cushions or speak to our team for assistance if you’re unsure what to order.

Is Ordering Foam Cut to Size Easy?

We’ve made it simple for you to order foam cut to size and shape online via our website. If you ever get stuck or have any questions about our services, get in touch and our team will be happy to help you out.

What If I Only Want to Replace Certain Couch Cushions?

You can order replacement cushions in any quantity you desire. For comfort consistency, we still recommend that you replace your entire set of cushions, but the choice is yours.

Replace Sofa Back Cushions

Some people choose to replace their sofa back cushions to provide better support for ongoing health conditions or just to improve comfort. It’s advised that you replace a full set of sofa cushions for the best results, but if you just want sofa back cushions, that’s fine. The best grade of foam for sofa back cushions is our Luxury Soft Foam. It’s great for replacing your current couch cushions if they’re beginning to feel uncomfortable and look saggy.

Replace Sofa Seat Cushions

If you’re looking for replacement sofa seat cushions, we’d recommend something a bit firmer. Try our Luxury Medium grade or Luxury Firm grade (depending on your personal preference). This, combined with Luxury Soft sofa back cushions is an extremely popular choice with our customers.

I’m Looking for a Multi-Purpose Supplier. Do You Just Fix Sofas?

We can create foam cushions to fit any form of seating and provide foam for many other applications. From barstool cushions to custom-made mattresses. We’ve got you covered. Our products can be used for a wide range of purposes and we always welcome a challenge. If you’ve got a unique foam product in mind, let us know and we’ll work with you to make it a reality.

I Need a Large Quantity of Custom Cut Foam

Have a big project lined up? We’re fully equipped to handle large orders of custom-cut foam. If you’d like to speak to a team member before placing your order, feel free to contact us. We can help to iron out any details and can even offer expert advice.

Who Uses Your Services?

Many different people use our services from professional upholsterers and contractors to those simply in need of high-quality replacement foam cushions. We’ve been making replacement cushions for more than 50 years now and have even supplied them to some of the world’s most renowned furniture manufacturers. Whoever you are, whatever it is you do, if you need foam cushions or any other type of foam product, our service is ideal!

What is Dacron?

Dacron is a polyester wadding that is bonded around the cushion to give it more loft inside of a cover. Essentially, it helps to fill out your cushion covers allowing for a much better fit. It’s a good idea to order Dacron if you’re replacing covered cushions.

What is Stockinette?

Stockinette is a netting that goes over your dacron-covered cushions. This material helps to reduce friction, making it much easier for you to insert and remove cushions from their covers. We offer dacron and stockinette together as an add-on. If you’re replacing covered cushions, it’s advised that you include these with your order.

What Payment Methods Do You Accept?

We accept all major credit cards and debit cards. We also accept payments via PayPal.

I Can’t Find What I Need on Your Website, Can You Still Help Me?

If you can’t find what you’re looking for on our website, just contact us! We can advise on all of the foam-cutting services and foam grades we offer to help you get the perfect product for your needs.

Are Your Foam Cushions Fire Safe?

Our upholstery foam for cushions exceeds UK Fire Safety regulations. If you would like to learn more about the fire safety information of a certain type of foam, get in touch!

The Shape I Need Isn’t on Your Website, What Do I Do?

If you can’t find the shape you need on our website, simply click the custom shape option and follow the instructions from there. If you need help with this, contact our team directly who will be able to advise you on the best way to get the shape you need.

Can I Send You My Cushion Covers to Fill?

We are unable to fill cushion covers for you, however, our team will gladly guide you through the measuring and fitting process should you need assistance.

Can You Replace My Cushion Covers?

We do not currently offer a replacement cushion cover service. All of our cushion foam is custom-made to fit new or pre-existing cushion covers.

Can I Choose the Foam Cushion Firmness?

Yes! We offer a variety of cushion foam types in a range of firmness levels. Whether you prefer soft foam, medium foam or hard foam, we stock what you need.

How Long Do Custom-Made Sofa Cushions Last?

The lifespan of a foam cushion can vary depending on a variety of factors including how often it is used. However, you should expect your replacement sofa cushions to last for several years. We offer a 5-year guarantee for any manufacturing faults with our foam products.

Do You Offer Foam Seat Pads?

Yes, we offer upholstery foam for all types of furniture including dining chairs, bench cushions and much more. Whether you need high density foam for sofa cushion replacement or custom-made seat pads for dining chairs, we can help!

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